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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Clubs and Activities

The School offers many clubs before, during, and after school.

Spring Term Clubs 2024


Before School

Lunch Time

After School


Gymnastics Y6

Running Club at Lloyds Park – Y4



Strategy Games KS2


Coding Club-Y1-3

Boys Football-Y5/6

Multisports - Y1

Dance- Y3


Gymnastics Y4

Running Club at Lloyds Park – Y3


Strategy Games KS2

Global Citizen Club – Y5/6

Multisport -Y2

Drama Club Y4-6



Gymnastics Y2

Running Club at Lloyds Park – Y5


Strategy Games KS2


Multisport - Y3

Netball – Y5/6

Drama Club Y1-3

Coding Club Y4-6




Gymnastics Y3

Running Club at Lloyds Park – Y6


Choir KS2


Yoga Club Y1-3

Girls Football – Y4

Girls Football - Y5/6




Orchestra KS2

Table Tennis Y6



Boys Football - Y4

Reception Book Club with parents

Gymnastics Y5




Gym Club

Greenleaf runs a range of extremely popular Gymnastic Clubs. There is a long-waiting list, starting from Year 2, so please see the office if you would like your child put on the list.

There is a small fee to cover the cost of coaching.