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Greenleaf Primary School

Greenleaf Primary

Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School

International and

National Links

Greenleaf Primary School became a fully accredited International School in July 2010, with reaccreditation in July 2013 - taking learning beyond borders. Our curriculum is designed to ensure "learning in context" - our international work being a key feature of this context. We are proud of the extent of the "international" learning opportunities offered to children, including:

Greenleaf Journey day - now an annual Greenleaf tradition, exploring and celebrating the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our school community. In recent years, we have focused on physical and emotional journeys, musical heritage and in 2012, cultural sporting heroes, to tie in with the 2012 London Olympics.

Comenius Project2013-2015-Water: Quenching Wonder and Bridging Classroom.

Greenleaf has been lucky enough to be awarded with further Comenius funding to lead a two year international project with 3 partner schools from Europe. The project will include teachers and children from Greenleaf going to our partner schools to take part in international themed mini-projects. The title and theme of the project is, Water: Quenching Wonder and Bridging Classrooms.  The central theme of this project will be WATER. The project will unite and connect children, who will one day be this precious resource’s safe keepers and protectors. Due to its adaptability, it has the ability, as a theme, to sink in and flow through all areas of the curriculum and quench the thirsty minds of children across Europe. Supporting children in problem solving about the sustainability of this essential resource, this project will also enthuse children to be innovative in creating solutions and help develop and foster skills, which will serve as crucial assets in their future careers.  Our partner schools are Instituto Comprensivo di Zogna - Zogno (near Milan),Italy; Ecole publique élémentaire Mulsant - Roanne (Near Lyon), France; CEIP Las Culturas - Torrevieja, Spain.

Comenius Project 2010-2012- a link with 6 partner schools, fundeReading letter from pen friendd by the British Council, in Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Majorca, Italy and more locally, Underhill Junior School in Barnet, London. We have been fortunate to welcome teachers and children from each of our partner schools to Greenleaf (April 2011 - 44 of them!) and for teachers (Poland, Bulgaria and Majorca) and children (Turkey and Italy) to visit our other partner schools. This has allowed us to better understand the school systems and cultures of these countries. Our visiting children, in particular, have been "wowed" by this amazing opportunity.

Food buffetComenius Assistant - in the last three years we have bid each year for funding to support a Comenius Assistant. We have been fortunate each year that the British Council have recognised the value of our bid, enabling us to welcome Sarah in 2010/11, from Germany, Andreja from Slovenia in 2012, Helga from Italy in 2012/13, and Katrin from Germany in 2013/14. The Assistants have hosted assemblies, run clubs in their home language, taught lessons in their home language and supported teaching generally across the school. A real bonus for our children and teachers!

Nepal - we are now also proud to be linked with the Budanilkantha Ashram School in Nepal, via the charity ChildReach International. We are looking forward to continuing this link and supporting the school in the years to come.

All Saints Primary SchoolIn addition, we have established a more national link with All Saints Primary School in Montacute, Yeovil in Somerset. Our Year 6 children visited All Saints last year - sleeping on the floor of their school hall, visiting the local countryside and places of interest and renewing their friendships with the children from Montacute, who had made a similar journey to Greenleaf a few months earlier. This visit was a real "eye-opener" for both sets of children - can you imagine the impact of Walthamstow market on children from a sleepy Somerset village? Likewise, the impact of the green, open spaces in Montacute on many of Greenleaf's children? This is a vitally important link for Greenleaf, which we are keen to maintain.

Finally, we have many more local links - with both primary and secondary schools within Waltham Forest. These enable us to share ideas, develop best practice and support our children in developing their learning.