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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Art Week 2021 - 2022

Our theme this year was, 'I can't Draw', focusing on developing children's drawing skills as well as increasing their confidence in their own abilities. 

It has been a week full of inspiration, imagination and lots of creativity! Across every year group, children have been developing their drawing skills in pattern, texture and colour. They have used a range of media and created some fantastic artwork. Have a look below to find out what each year group has been up to.  

We created a whole school Art Gallery and tapestry showing the art created throughout the week! 



Nursery have been celebrating their theme of `New Beginnings` throughout Art Week. They have been creating different textures using lots of different tools such as rollers, sponges, hands and brushes. They have also incorporated their hands into their artwork- can you spot them in the picture? 



In Reception we have been ?learning about the illustrator Helen Oxenbury and artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have learnt how to make lines and marks to create drawings. We have done this through using wax- resist crayons, handwriting pens, pastels, felt pens and much, much more!


Year 1

The Year 1 children have loved learning about and being inspired by the artist Beatriz Milhazes. We have used her bright colours and shapes to draw pictures on the playground (chalk pastels) and make shape pictures (oil pastels). We also linked our art to geography and our trip to Suntrap to draw urban and natural environments. We definitely can draw!

Year 2 

Year 2 have been learning about the artist Faith Ringgold and were inspired by the children's book she wrote, "Tar Beach". We created collages and focused on different tones we can make using paint and oil pastels. 

Also this week, we have been learning how to shade using different line techniques and shading using different media such as pencils, pastel and charcoal. We learnt to sketch different types of flowers close up, our eyes and our facial profiles.


Year 3

Year 3 have been inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe to draw our own pastel pictures of flowers and plants.  We worked with artist Katie Kennedy to learn how to use light and dark tones to make our work look more realistic. Banksy’s work inspired us to draw our own graffiti style pictures with a hidden message.  The children also used Paint on the computer to draw their own still life bowl of fruit.  They thought carefully about shading, using lines, cross hatching and stippling to create light and shadow. 


Year 4

Year 4 have been very busy this week. We started our week learning about the incredible life of Frida Kahlo and created self-portraits inspired by her work.  We then moved on to learning how to draw animals from different perspectives. We worked with an artist, Katie Kennedy, who shared some top tips on how to use a view finder to really focus in on different parts of an animal. The children then used line and tone to create texture in their drawings.


Year 5 

Year 5 were inspired by artist Esther Mahlangu, and designer Minerva Oliver, and have recreated striking close ups of African animals, using bold colours and paying close attention to shape and texture. We have also written biographies on Mahlangu, and decorated them with borders inspired by her art. 


Year 6  

This week has been a VERY exciting week in Year 6: not only have we been to The Living Rainforest (where we met tonnes of incredible rainforest animals!) but it’s also been Art Week! Yipee! Over the course of the week, using the mediums of colouring pencils and pastels, each child has embodied a species from the Amazon, creating stunning artwork full of texture, colour and pattern. Then, using our knowledge of the layers of the rainforest, we created collaborative and immersive artboards, displaying all of our favourite Amazonian creatures!