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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Art Week 2020 - 2021

The theme this year was `Colour`. Each Year group was inspired by a different colour and artist and created some incredible pieces throughout the week! 

We created a whole school Art Gallery and tapestry showing art created throughout the week! 



 Reception and Nursery - RAINBOW

Reception focused on work from Andy Goldsworthy and were also inspired by the story, `Going on a Bear Hunt` by Helen Oxenbury.

 Year 1 - BLUE

Year 1 were inspired by the author and illustrator, Marcus Pfister and his book, The Rainbow fish, for the colour blue. The children explored different tones using collage and white powder paint. 





Year 2 created two pieces of artwork inspired by Gustav Klimt`s `The Tree of Life`. They used printing techniques and coiling. They were also inspired by Vincent Van Gogh`s famous `Sunflowers` and learnt about shading using different tones. 



Year 3 - RED

Year 3 were inspired the work of Georgia O`keefe and Banksy as well as looking at two books, The Journey by Aaron Becker and The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan. They have been creating sculptures and collages. 



 Year 4 - GREEN

Year 4 were inspired by Henri Rosseau who is best known for his paintings of jungles and wild animals. The children mixed and applied `washes` and experimented with different tones and textures to create a lush foliage and make their animals stand out. 



  Year 5 - PURPLE

Year 5 have been focusing on Sokari Douglas Camp. Her depictions of African Culture has helped us to focus on 3D clay moulding, silhouettes and the blending of bold colours. 




Year 6 have been looking at Jan Pienkowski and have used acrylic paints and marble paper. They then used a variety of pens to draw silhouette over the top. They also looked at the work of Shirin Neshat and took black and white self portraits and wrote expressive poems.