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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery


Art at Greenleaf is taught both discretely and interwoven throughout the wider curriculum.  For example, children may create a book cover in Literacy, complete a seascape in Geography or sketch a plant in Science.

Our commitment to Art, as part of The Arts, is enhanced by our partnership with The Barbican and by our annual Art Week, when every child has the opportunity to visit an Art Gallery to further develop their appreciation of a range of art genres.


In addition:

  • each term, children will be given the opportunity to complete a piece of work with evidence of the 5 step development process (explore, create, improvise, present and evaluate);
  • children will have experience in all areas of art in each phase (drawing, painting, 3D, textile, ICT, printing, collage and the historical significance of each artistic method);
  • examples of existing pieces of work by famous artists are used in exploration stage to engage children and foster an understanding of the larger cultural context of art and its historical significance;
  • resources provided support the variety of abilities and needs, while activities are designed to build on children's prior attainment and provide sufficient challenge;
  • we ensure children are exposed to a range of art from other cultures, to reflect the diversity of our school;
  • we provide children the opportunity to work with visiting artists, including parents   



We also provide children with the opportunity to take part in art-related extra-curricular clubs, including craft and knitting.

Useful Documents

For further information on our expectations for all children in Art by the time they leave Greenleaf, please click here.