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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery


At Greenleaf we aim to:

* foster a love of history and life-long learning;

* enable children to make personal connections with the past;

* develop a secure understanding of chronology;

* develop an understanding of their place in the world;

* broaden and deepen basic skills, eg maps.



History teaching focuses on enabling children to think as historians. We place an emphasis on examining historical artefacts and primary sources. We also recognise that it is crucial for our children to engage in history at a personal level. Therefore, we teach history through sensory experiences such as re-enactments, drama and role play, the use of museum visits and visitors. We focus on helping children understand that historical  events have been interpreted in different ways, and that they should always ask  searching questions such as “How do we know this source is accurate?”, when confronted with information.



Useful Documents 

For further information on our expectations for all children in History by the time they leave Greenleaf, please click here.