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Greenleaf Primary School

Greenleaf Primary

Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School

A warm welcome to everybody visiting our Reception Page.

We hope you visit again and again and again…HAVE FUN!


Welcome to Greenleaf's Reception page. Throughout the Reception year, this page will be full of ideas and activities for you to support your child's learning at home. Many of you have been attending our  Reception Workshops. If you missed any of these workshops, the handouts are available on the 'Parent Workshops' page of our website. 



 The Early Years Curriculum

Following our Workshops and initial discussions on the EYFS, here is a summary of the principles behind the Early Years Curriculum. It is full of helpful ideas on how you can support your child at home. Feel free to see a member of The Foundation Stage team if you have any questions.

EYFS Parents Guide

'What to Expect When' Guide for Parents



Early Learning Goals

These Early Learning Goals summarise the knowledge, skills and understanding that most children should have gained by the end of the Reception year:

Early Learning Goals

Exceeding Statements

These Exceeding Statements summatise the knowledge, skills and understanding that many children gain when they are working beyond the Early Learning Goals. At Greenleaf, we use these statements very closely with the Year 1 Curriculum to ensure children make maximum progress when working beyond the Early Learning Goals.

Exceeding Statements


"Wow Moment" vouchers

During their time in Reception, we are sure there will be lots of moments when your child does something that makes you say "WOW". So, here are some vouchers for you to write these "WOW MOMENTS" on. Just print a voucher, write about the 'Wow Moment' and we will put it in your child's Journey Book. Alternatively, you can pick up a voucher from class whenever you like!

Wow Voucher



This weekly sheet gives a short summary of some of the areas we will be covering throughout the week. This, along with the children's Book Bag activities, is a great way to extend learning at home. 

Remember, a paper copy of 'Parent Points' is available from outside Reception classes as from Monday mornings.

The Old Woman and the Red Pumpkin.

Week Beginning 24th February.

Week Beginning 3rd February.

Week Beginning 27th January.

Week Beginning 20th January.

The Runaway Chapati.

Week Beginning 13th January.

Week Beginning 9th December.

Week Beginning 2nd December.

Week Beginning 25th November.

Week Beginning 18th November.

Week Beginning 11th November.

Week Beginning 4th November.

Week Beginning 28th October.

Bears, Bears, Bears!

Week Beginning 14th October 2019.

Week Beginning 7th October 2019.

Week Beginning 30th September 2019.

Week Beginning 23rd September 2019.

Week Beginning 16th September 2019.




Here’a a video version of the book we will be reading in September . There are lots more episodes of ‘Titch’ on Youtube you can watch. Remember to discuss how Titch is feeling…


If your child is already a developing reader, why not try...?

Captions to Read at Home.

More Captions.

Green Eggs and Ham.


If your child is ready to learn their Phonemes and Numbers:

Here's a catchy song you can enjoy with your child. It will help them to learn their phonemes.

You can play it again and again. How many phonemes does your child remember? Do they remember the actions? Can they remember the phonemes with the volume turned off?

Youtube Jolly phonics.

Here are some online games which will help children with learning weekly phonemes and numbers.


Oxford Owls

This is an excellent website, where you can download free books for your child to read !You just need to login ...HAVE FUN!


There are also some great games online for you to try out:

Teach Your Monster To Read.

 Just enter your details to access games to help with Phonics and Tricky words.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics.

The children really like Mr. Thorne and there are lots of small videos of him exploring Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonemes. There is also an APP you can download too!

Online Maths Games.

These games are great for number recognition, adding and taking away.

Learning numbers to at least 20.

Here, you can find activities to take us beyond numbers to 10!



You will need a username and password (from your teacher) to use this site.
The Number Gym provides a stimulating set of teaching tools, games and challenges, and  encourages creative investigations in maths with its open-ended activities.





Here are Word Walls 1 to 7.

Here are words from Word Wall 1 and 2.

You can use these slides as 'Flashcards'. These words are really important as they will help your child become an independent reader. HAVE FUN!



Book Sharing