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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

 Happy Half Term Year 3!


Well done on completing week 7 of home learning - we hope you have enjoyed it. The Gallery is looking very full this week, thank you so much to everyone that has emailed us to show us their fabulous work and what they are getting up to at home! 

Eid Mubarak to anyone celebrating this weekend!

Eid Al Adha 2017 fireworks: everything you need to know | Local ...

It would now normally be Half Term so we do not expect you to do a full days work next week but...

We have an exciting history project for you to do over half term!

When you are walking around Walthamstow we would like you to look out for an interesting building, take a photo of it, make a note of the location of the building (what street it's on) and when you get home write about what you noticed and try to do some research about the building - if it is old, how you can tell and what clues you can find out about its past.

Then email us with what you saw and what you learned, including photos and drawings if you can. 

You can find more information about the project and full details about what we would like you to do, with an example, using the link (words in green) below.

Virtual Heritage Project


We would also like you to read EVERY day for an hour - this can be in done in one sitting, in two half an hour slots or three 20mins sessions - whatever suits you best! When you are walking around 

Remember - you can now use a new website called MyOn to read and quiz on lots of different Accelerated Reader books - please see the instructions on this link!

There is also a handy Parents Guide to MyOn.


Contact Details

We will not be responding to emails over Half Term but will be available from 1st June so feel free to email us and we will get back to you then.



Thank you for your continued support - we are all missing everybody lots!  We hope you are all able to have a wonderful Half Term, stay safe and take care,


Miss Hurrell, Miss Feggetter and Mrs Allen