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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery


 Year 3 


Welcome back to a new term in year 3! We hope you enjoyed the Easter break.

If at any point, your child is required to self isolate and unable to come into school, there will be a range of activities on our class page for them to complete. Remember to also contact the school office to inform us and we will email over additional work to match what they would have been doing in class.  

Our email addresses will still be in use and will be checked on a weekly basis. If you need to contact us urgently, please contact the school office. 

Larch - larch@greenleaf.waltham.sch.uk 

Maple - maple@greenleaf.waltham.sch.uk

You can find all the information about what we will be up to this term in the Year 3 Newsletter



As part of Journey Fortnight Year 3 will be taking part in a Junk Orchestra on the 25th May. They will be making their own junk instruments. Please could the children bring in clean, empty large yoghurt pots, plastic tubs and tin cans to make their own drums. 

Thank you :)

Self Isolating

Please remember to email us to keep us updated on how you are getting on. We will send through some work for you to complete so you are doing the same as what we are doing in class. Click on the links below for a range of activities to complete.

Suggested Timetable 


Reading - Make sure you are reading for 30 minutes every day and quizzing on AR. If you run out of books, you can use MYON to read a range of books online. 

Spelling and Handwriting - Practice your spelling using the Word Walls and spelling games. You calso practice your handwriting using the link on the right hand side of the page.

Word Walls

Spelling Games

Maths - Practice your times tables on TTRS for 10 minutes a day. Try one of the maths practice sheets to start with and we will also email you activities to work through.

Maths Practice Sheets with Answers 1

Maths Practice Sheets with Answers 2 

Literacy - Complete some of the tasks in the writing ideas document including keeping a daily diary to let us know how you are getting on. Keep your reading comprehension skills up by completing the reading comprehension tasks.

Writing Ideas

Garden Birds Reading Comprehension

Pet Hamster Reading Comprehension

Usain Bolt Reading Comprehension

Pick and Mix - Pick two or more of these activities to work on throughout your time at home. 

Pick and Mix Activities

You can also use Oak Academy or BBC Learning for some helpful videos and additional activities.