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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Year 4 Thursday

8:45am - Reading (15 minutes) 

9am - PE with Joe Wicks or create your own workout routine! 

Maths - Translation

          - Layered Learning (Secure It and Deepen It)                 



 10am - Break Time 

10:15am - Reading ( have you quizzed this week!?) 

10:45am - Literacy

              - Topic list

              - Word bank 




12:15pm - Lunch Break 

1:15pm - Art- Watch this week's Celebrity Supply Teacher - Ricky Wilson - as he explains how to use the colour wheel to enhance your pictures. Then have a go at creating your own self portrait using only one colour, or try Ricky's challenge of creating a whole picture using only 2 colours!



2:15pm - You are very close to completing a whole year in Year 4! Take some time to reflect on what you have enjoyed using the sheet below or make your own!


End of Year Reflection


3pm - You are doing amazing! Write down two things you want to achieve tomorrow.