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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Year 4 Tuesday

8:45am - Reading (15 minutes) 

9am - PE with Joe Wicks or check out some ideas from Mr Morris on his own PE learning page! 

9:30am     Maths  - Translation

                          - Space Coordinates

                           - 2D Shape Translation powerpoint


                     - TTRS 


10:30am - Break Time 

10:45am - Reading  and answers 

11:15am - Literacy 

               -  Fronted adverbials


12:15pm - Lunch Break 

1:15pm - Science from the Pick and Mix list

                                          Understanding Conservation

                                          Factfile template



2:15pm - Pick an activity from the list or create your own.  If you haven't already done so, why not use this time to write an email to your new teacher introducing yourself? They are bound to be very impressed! 

2:45pm - Diary Entry ( Write a short paragraph about your day, how you are feeling, etc to share with a parent).