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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Healthy Inside and Outside.

Healthy Eating

Are you eating enough vegetables during lockdown?

Read on to find links galore to vegetable based recipes...

We've signed up to Eat them To Defeat them again this year! We're hoping that we'll eat even more veg than we did last year. Last year, we challenged ourselves to eat the weight of a football team in the weeks of the project. 

The Eat them to Defeat them 2020 campaign will begin in February!

NEWSFLASH!! Sadly, this campaign has been postponed until later in the year. Don't let that stop you. Let's get growing and eating our own vegetables. 

Ms Franklin's aiming for 30 different plant types in her diet each week! 

It's Thursday and she's up to 19! 


In the meantime, have a look through VegPower's website and don't forget its Veganuary!


Grow your own!!

Now's the time of year to start planting seedlings. We hope to be sending home seeds and soil some time soon so we can keep growing with Greenleaf! 





Are you packing a healthy lunch? It's all about finding a balance of food groups. 

Whilst we can't offer a hot meal for all children at the moment,  you can use the 'eatwell plate' and the ideas below to ensure a balanced and varied diet.  

 Here are some ideas and links to handy websites....






At Greenleaf we have our own guidance for you. Its based on all the helpful advice from the BBC and the NHS. 


Useful Links:

Click here to find out how to be sugar smart.


NHS Change for Life Lunchbox ideas

BBC Good Food Tasty Packed Lunches

BBC Good Food Lunchboxes Collection

Nutrition Guide


Let's share ideas! Please email the office with any healthy creations you'd like to share. 

Send in photos or recipes and meal planners and we'll post them here.