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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

WOW Work

Spring 1 only

Year 5, can we just say what a FANTASTIC start you have made with your home learning! We are getting so many emails - all full of stunning work - and are so proud of how resilient you are all being! If you haven't emailed in yet, please do so, but a well done to everyone who has! Here are a few examples of some work to really catch your eye...

Super impressed Grace! A fantastic creation!

Please can we have front row seats at your concert Lily! Remember us when you're rich and famous!

Wow moment of the week this week goes to Tyler! Tyler has made an incredible video demonstrating his fantastic science skills! Amazing work Tyler :) Check it out here...

Woahhhhh! A seriously professional illustrator for films I reckon! Go Rehan!

Wow moment of the week goes to Reuben! Reuben has only been learning the flute for such a short time (not even since the start of Y5!) and already he is performance ready! Check it out here :) 

What a brilliant idea! Great thinking Lina :D

Go Jarvis! This is looking very exciting!!!

WOAH, Serina! This is pretty epic - well done!

Check out the full presentation here...

Wow, Molly! A very professional looking presentation!!!

WOW moment of the week goes to Suki for her INCREDIBLE project on the Dream Giver. To read the full version, click here...


LOVE these Asel!!!

Hope mine are being sent to school Rehan...they look so scrumptious!

Try Lily and Milena's Ancient Greek word search!

This blew me away - check out Neil's amazing Dream Giver work

Dimi has worked incredibly hard on his Dream Giver too...incredible!

Read the whole thing here

Check out Molly's AWESOME Ancient Greek Video

Rosa's Dream Giver is beautifully written - an author in the making I'd say!

Look at these from Rehan - some intriguing science and woah! Look at that drawing for WCR!

What do you reckon of Suki's stunning Greek plate?

Or Safi's amazing powerpoint...

Full version downloadable here

Look at Dimi's impressive research into the Gods!

Kansiha this is BEAUTIFUL! And so brilliantly written too!

Look at this stunning brochure Rosa made...

Or this expressive artwork Lina did for the Dream Giver

This is FAB! Watch Nell's cool science experiment