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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Year 4 Week 2

Well done to our stars this week and very well done to you all - Year 4 are fantastic!!

Good Morning children and parents! We hope you are beginning to find your way around our new class page. We will save each week in the website tabs so you can still access previous lessons from the week before. Please keep checking our class page every day for  regular updates and contact us if you have any problems accessing the learning online. 

We would also like to hear from you every day - remember to email us on the addresses below: 

Rowan - rowan@greenleaf.waltham.sch.uk 

Willow - willow@greenleaf.waltham.sch.uk 

 Home Learning Work 

 Click here for some useful links 

 Click here to see our weekly timetable

Monday 11th January

Willow Book Collection - please come in your allocated time. If you have not collected books, please contact Ms Eckton. 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton and Ms Lang

In Class: Mr Fewings 

Zoom Assembly - Rowan 9:15 

                        - Willow 10am  

The login details have been emailed to you. This will be a chance to see each other and to catch up. We will be taking a register during this session so if you need any support to get on, please contact us. 

Times Table Rockstars - The battle has begun!  

Lesson 1  - Maths  - Multiplying 3 numbers 

Answers to last week's chocolate box activity

Answers to Layered task 

Answers to Making shapes activity


Lesson 2 - Reading - The Ice Palace  

Lesson 3 - Literacy  - Starting a sentence with a simile   


Afternoon Activities 

Lesson 4 - PSHE - Jigsaw 

 - Find out who our Jigsaw stars are this week.....

Lesson 5 - Computing - Level 4 Pirate Gold 

End the day with some keep fit.... Click here 



Tuesday 12th January

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton 

 In Class: Ms Lang 

TTRS - the battle continues 

Lesson 1 Maths - Finding factor pairs 

Lesson 2 Reading - read your book for 30 minutes every day 

Whole Class Reading: 


  Lesson 3 Literacy - Personification  



Afternoon Activities

Lesson 4 - Science Particles 




PE- 5 Minute Move  - click here 


Wednesday 13th January 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton 

In Class: Ms Lang 

TTRS  - which class is in the lead? 

Lesson 1 Maths - Using written methods to multiply 

Multiplication cards


Lesson 2 Reading - 30 minutes of reading  

Whole Class Reading: 


Lesson 3 Literacy - To uplevel sentences    


Spelling Song Video - Click here  

Afternoon activity

Lesson 4 - Religious Education  

This Sunday is World Religions Day. Complete the reflections sheet on your own beliefs and then choose a religion to find out more about. Try and pick one that you feel you know the least about and read the information sheet to learn more. 

Reflections sheet

Islam information                                Buddhism information

Hinduism information                         Christianity information

Judaism information                          Sikhism information 


Music - You do not need a ukelele to take part, but you can use one if you have one! 

Chord sheet


Dance  - Supermovers - pick one or more you would like to complete!


Thursday 14th January 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Lang + Ms Eckton 

In Class: Mr Fewings  

Book Collection for Rowan class - please come in your allocated time slot between 11 - 11:30am.  

TTRS - come on Year 4, you can do it! 

Lesson 1 Maths - Using the expanded method to multiply

Expanded method worksheet



Lesson 2 Reading  - 30 minutes of reading  

                            - 60 Second Comprehension Challenge 

 Lesson 3 Literacy  - draw a setting for your story  


Afternoon activity

Lesson 4 Geography - create a diagram about the water cycle  

Video 1    Video 2  - Videos with some more information and activities  

 Dance - Learn the Water Cycle song and dance with Go Noodle  


Friday 15th January 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Lang 

In Class: Ms Eckton 


Lesson 1 Maths  - Using the compact method

Lesson 2 Reading - 30 minutes of reading  

                            - 60 Second Comprehension Challenge 


 Lesson 3 Literacy  - To write a setting description 

Word Bank        Example 1        Example 2    


Afternoon activity 

 Lesson 5 Art  - Make a giant hand with Mr Fewings! 

Fitness  - Supermovers - pick your favourite! 

Have a lovely weekend Year 4 - well done for completing week 2 of your home learning! Make sure you send us a quick email to let us know how you have got on. We look forward to seeing you on Zoom on Monday morning. 

Rowan: 9:15am every Monday 

Willow: 10am every Monday