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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Year 4 - Week 3

Star of the Week 



Good Morning children and parents! Welcome to week 3 of your home learning. 


 Home Learning Work 



Monday 18th January

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton and Ms Lang

In Class: Mr Fewings 

Zoom Assembly - Rowan 9:15 

                        - Willow 10am  

The login details have been emailed to you. This will be a chance to see each other and to catch up. We will be taking a register during this session so if you need any support to get on, please contact us. 

Times Table Rockstars - The battle has begun!  

Lesson 1  - Maths -Using the compact method to multiply 3 digit numbers

                            This Week's Multiplication Challenge activities :- These only 

                             need to be used if you have finished your work at any point                                 this week and you are ready for an extra challenge - you can                               use them just like you would in school. 


Multiply 3 numbers answers                  Finding factors answers                           


Lesson 2 - Reading - The Ice Palace   


Lesson 3 - Literacy  - review using a subordinate clause  

Powerpoint         Activity          Conjunction Poster (ISAWAWABUB) 

Afternoon Activities 

Lesson 4 - PSHE - Jigsaw  

                 PSHE - storyboard

 - Find out who our Jigsaw stars are this week.....

Lesson 5 - Computing - Debugging variables (remember to log in via our homework page) 

Fitness - a new challenge - 8 minute Move- can you keep up?.... Click here  


Tuesday 19th January

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton 

 In Class: Ms Lang 

TTRS - the battle continues 

Lesson 1 Maths - Layered task


Lesson 2 Reading 

Remember to read your book every day for 30 minutes and quiz on AR. Can you reach your new target?  Click here to quiz. 

 Whole Class Reading: 

 Lesson 3 Literacy  - Be the Teacher ( Spelling)  

Powerpoint    Amazing    Awesome    Spelling is tricky - more support 

Online Dictionary Link

Afternoon Activities

Lesson 4 - Science -  Understanding Gases       

Lesson 5 - French 

French song and greetings        

PE- 8 Minute Move  - click here 


Wednesday 20th January 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton 

In Class: Ms Lang 

TTRS  - which class is in the lead? 

Lesson 1 Maths - Layered Task


Lesson 2 Reading - 30 minutes of reading  

Whole Class Reading: 


Lesson 3 Literacy  - Character Descriptions   

Powerpoint   Word Bank 1      

Spelling Song Video - Click here  

Afternoon activity

Lesson 4 - Religious Education - We are starting our new topic, Judaism.  

Powerpoint      Activity      Key Words  

Lesson 5 - Music - In the Hall of the Mountain King - Click here to listen

          Dynamics  - Match the terms 


Looking for something extra? Login to BBC Iplayer and find out more about the Water Cycle in preparation for Geography tomorrow and learn a new dance. Can you find out what these words mean: evaporation and condensation? Do you know what happens to water when it heats up? Click here to find out more


Thursday 21st January 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Lang + Ms Eckton 

In Class: Mr Fewings  

TTRS - come on Year 4, you can do it! 

Lesson 1 Maths - Use written methods to divide 



Lesson 2 Reading  - 30 minutes of reading  

                            - 60 Second Comprehension Challenge 

 Lesson 3 Literacy  - To write a character descriptions  

Powerpoint        Word Bank 1    Word Bank 2 

Afternoon activities

Lesson 4 Geography - Make a cloud 

Powerpoint + video      Instructions - make a cloud          Activity 2 + video 

Question: Where do you think JK Rowling got the name for her broom, the Nimbus 3000? Email us and let us know.  

Video - a successful cloud! 

Lesson 5 -  Dance - This term, we will be working with the lovely Cheryl from Sadler`s Wells. We will be using our topic, water, to inspire our moves. Hopefully, we will get to meet Cheryl in person when we come back to school. Enjoy! 


Friday 22nd January 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Lang 

In Class: Ms Eckton 


Lesson 1 Maths  - Divide a 2 digit number by a single digit 


Lesson 2 Reading - 30 minutes of reading  

                            - 60 Second Comprehension Challenge 


 Lesson 3 Literacy  - Write a character description 

Afternoon activity 

 Lesson 4 Art  - Making a full sized person 

Fitness  - Supermovers - pick your favourite!