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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Year 4 - Week 4

Have a look and see Rowan and Willow's Stars of the Week 

 Email us on the addresses below: 

Rowan - rowan@greenleaf.waltham.sch.uk 

Willow - willow@greenleaf.waltham.sch.uk  


 Home Learning Work 

Click here to see our updated weekly timetable  


Monday 25th January

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton and Ms Lang

In Class: Mr Fewings 

Zoom Assembly - Rowan 9:15 

                        - Willow 10am  

Times Table Rockstars 

Lesson 1  - Maths - Dividing 3 digit numbers by a single digit

                           - Dividing 3 digits challenge




Lesson 2 - Reading - The Ice Palace   


Lesson 3 - Literacy  - Direct Speech 

 Powerpoint    Spelling Link        Task 1   - Be the Teacher    Extra Help  

Afternoon Activities 

Lesson 4  - PSHE Creating New Dreams

               - Find out who our Jigsaw stars are this week.....

Lesson 5 - Computing - Repetition and loops - Bugs in the garden

Fitness - a new  8 minute Move- can you keep up?.... Click here  


Tuesday 26th January

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton 

 In Class: Ms Lang 

TTRS - the battle continues 

Lesson 1 Maths - Layered task


Lesson 2 Reading 

Remember to read your book every day for 30 minutes and quiz on AR. Can you reach your new target?  Click here to quiz. 

 Whole Class Reading: 

 Lesson 3 Literacy  - Plan your adventure story  

Tuesday Warm up    Planning Sheet    Example 


Afternoon Activities

Lesson 4 - Science -  Changing state powerpoint   

Lesson 5 - French  - Fruit and Vegetables 

Video 1     Video 2     Activity 1     Activity 2   Word Bank 

PE- 8 Minute Move  - click here 


Wednesday 27th January 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton 

In Class: Ms Lang 

TTRS  - which class is in the lead? 

Lesson 1 Maths - Layered Task

              Division Challenge activities


Lesson 2 Reading - 30 minutes of reading  

Whole Class Reading: 


Lesson 3 Literacy  - Paragraph 1 and 2 - Adventure Story  

Warm up         Help Sheet Para 1    Help Sheet Para 2  

We know it is really tricky to write at home so if you are stuck for ideas, we would like you to rewrite the Ice Palace. I have completed a box plan to help. Write only paragraph  today because you will write a little bit each day. 

Box Plan Support

Afternoon activity 

Discussion: What is Autism? ( Complete this activity at any point throughout the week) 

Video 1 - watch this first      Video 2       Video 3

Lesson 4 - Religious Education - The Torah 


Lesson 5 - Music - Making rhythms



Fitness - Level 1 


Thursday 28th January 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Lang + Ms Eckton 

In Class: Mr Fewings  

TTRS - come on Year 4, you can do it! 

Yesterday's Layered task answers

Lesson 1 Maths - Correspondence problems


 Lesson 2 Reading  - 30 minutes of reading  

                            - 60 Second Comprehension Challenge

 Lesson 3 Literacy  - Paragraphs 3 and 4 - Adventure Story  

Can you spot my marvellous mistake!? ( Clue: look closely at the words in handwriting!)  

Help Sheet Para 3      Help Sheet Para 4 

Afternoon activities

Lesson 4 Geography - The Journey of a River - look at the task sheet before you watch the lesson.

Task - Journey of a river            Video  - what is a river


Lesson 5 -  Dance - Session 2 with Cheryl - continue to the water cycle.



Friday 29th January 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Lang 

In Class: Ms Eckton 


Lesson 1 Maths  - Good





Lesson 2 Reading - 30 minutes of reading  - Have you quizzed on your book this week? How close are you to reaching your reading target? Click here to quiz or to check on your target!                                  


                            - 60 Second Comprehension Challenge        

 Lesson 3 Literacy  - Paragraphs 5 and 6  

Para 5 Help Sheet      Para 6 Help Sheet

 Remember to email us your favourite paragraph from your story so far so we can give you some feedback! 

Afternoon activity 

 Lesson 4 Art  - Negative Space Drawing Lesson 

Instructions     Dogs    Cats



Review last week`s learning about different clouds - watch this video - can you remember the different names for different clouds? If you can, go outside and have a look at the clouds - which ones can you see?  

 Dance Challenge: The Git Up  - Click here 

Taking time to breathe and relax - click here 

Have a lovely weekend Year 4 - well done for completing week 4 of your home learning! Make sure you have emailed us your favourite paragraph from your adventure story and your answers from the layered learning sheet!  

Reminder for Zoom Assemblies: 

Rowan: 9am every Monday 

Willow: 10am every Monday