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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Year 4 - Week 5

Stars of the Week - Week 5 

Remember to read the `Weekly Noticeboard` each week for any updates! 

WEEKLY NOTICE BOARD cmhw-2021-logojpg

  • This week is Mental Health week and we are going to be completing activities each day that encourage all of us to express ourselves. Listen to Ms Hurrell to find out more: 
  • Come to our Zoom Assembly `Dressed to Express` - this can be a favourite outfit or something that tells us about you! 
  • Resources needed for Science this week - plastic bottle, vinegar, a balloon and bicarbonate of soda. 
  • Year 4 end of term video - we would like to celebrate the end of term by making a video with all of your lovely faces (or work) - check out Monday`s PSHE task and make sure you email us this week. 

Have a great week Year 4 - remember to dance, sing, draw, cook, walk, run - whatever it is, express yourself and have fun! 

   Home Learning Work 

Click here to see our updated weekly timetable  


Marvellous Monday (1st) 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton and Ms Lang

In Class: Mr Fewings  

Well-being Start   

This week, we would like you to complete a daily journal to prepare and reflect for the day ahead. You can use this one or create your own. 

Daily Journal 

To start our well-being week, we would like you to come `Dressed to Express` to our Zoom assemblies this morning. Pick your favourite outfit or something that tells us more about you - the decision is yours! 

Zoom Assembly - Rowan 9am 

                        - Willow 10am   

Last week's correspondence problems answers

Last week's Fraction sheet answers: Good Amazing Awesome



Lesson 1  - Maths - Understand Fractions




                            Plenary: Fraction matcher


Lesson 2 - Reading - The Ice Palace   

Lesson 3 - Literacy  - Paragraph 7 and 8 (Adventure Story) 

Para 7 Help Sheet      Para 8 Help Sheet 

Remember if you are finding this tricky, you can use this box plan to rewrite the Ice Palace instead.       BOX PLAN 


Well - being Afternoon Activities 

Lesson 4  - PSHE - Something to be proud of

                          - My Memory Tree

               - Find out who our Jigsaw stars are this week.....  

Pick one (or both) of the activities to end your day: 

Guided Meditation with Nadia P2B Make an Origami Dog

 Finish your day with the mindfulness challenge - Session 1 - What is mindfulness



Terrific Tuesday (2nd) 

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton 

 In Class: Ms Lang   

Well - being Start  

Let`s get active together...

Can you keep up with us?  (Sorry about the sound quality!)  Express yourself - dance along! 



TTRS - the battle continues 

Lesson 1 Maths - Fraction wall 1 

                          Fraction wall 2

                          Challenge activities


Lesson 2 Reading  - The Ice Palace 

Remember to read your book every day for 30 minutes and quiz on AR. Can you reach your new target?  Click here to quiz. 

  Lesson 3 Literacy  - Paragraph 9 and 10 (adventure story) 

Para 9 and 10 help sheet      


Well - Being Afternoon 

Lesson 4 - Science -  we love experiments! Watch/ try out the experiment with Ms Eckton.

Week 5 - Fair testing sheet


Pick one (or both) of the activities below:  

Just Dance (Blue Da Ba De)  Yoga 

 Remember to complete your well-being journal 

Check out the Place2Be Assembly telling us more about Mental Health Week ( you can watch this at any point throughout the week).



Well-being Wednesday (3rd)  

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Eckton 

In Class: Ms Lang  

Well- being Start  

Start your day with some singing, just like we do usually in our singing assemblies...

Happy - Pharrell  Count on Me - Bruno Mars

TTRS  - which class is in the lead? 

Lesson 1 Maths - Layered task 


Lesson 2 Reading - 30 minutes of reading  

Whole Class Reading:  The final part of The Ice Palace!! 

 Lesson 3 Literacy  - The final two paragraphs of our adventure story - well done Year 4! 

Para 11 and 12 help sheet       

Well- being Afternoon 

Lesson 4 - Try out these PE activities with James! 

 Lesson 5 - Music- Yellow Submarine lyrics

Pick one (or more) of the activities below: 

The Squiggle Game Scribble Drawing

 Remember to complete your well-being journal 

Remembering to be kind to yourself and to each other... 

Sing along - Click here 


Time-to-Dance Thursday (4th)  

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Lang + Ms Eckton 

In Class: Mr Fewings  

Well - being Starter  

Pick one (or both)... 

Try Everything  I Gotta Feeling 

TTRS - come on Year 4, you can do it! 


Lesson 1 Maths - Layered task 

                        This week's Challenge activities

                        Additional challenge


 Lesson 2 Reading  - 30 minutes of reading  

                            - 60 Second Comprehension Challenge

 Lesson 3 Literacy  - To use an Outside (Inside.) sentence 

Spelling Video Link         Outside (Inside) task        Challenge 


Well - Being Afternoon 

Pick two of the activities to complete below: 

Making Paint Instructions 

Session 3 - Dance with Cheryl from Sadler`s Wells.  `Borrowed` from Year 6 - Make paint with Mrs Ede - the instructions are above. Make a stir fry ( or something else) - you will need an adult to help with this one. 

 Remember to complete your well-being journal

 Finish today with the Mindfulness Challenge - session 4 - Mindful thoughts



Feel - Good Friday (5th)

Home Learning Teacher: Ms Lang 

In Class: Ms Eckton 

Well - being Starter 

Have you got the Friday feeling? Get dancing using the links below: 

Shut up (shocking!) and Dance Boom Chicka Boom 


Layered task answer sheet

Lesson 1 Maths  - Fractions greater than one worksheet




Lesson 2 Reading - 30 minutes of reading  - Have you quizzed on your book this week? How close are you to reaching your reading target? Click here to quiz or to check on your target!                                  

Reading Comprehension - Watch the short clip and answer the questions. I have attached the answers so no peaking until you have finished! 

Questions            Answers 


 Lesson 3 Literacy  - Relative Clauses 

Task               Challenge  


Well- Being Afternoon Activities 

 Complete your daily journal and have a look back at your week and how much you have achieved and overcome! Let us know what you are most proud of this week. 

Art with Mr Fewings - meditative Art   Sit Back, relax and listen to a story

Miss Eckton reads - Ruby's Worry

 Taking time to breathe and relax - click here